We are, at last, in the home stretch! Over three years in the making and we can see the finish line. We need your help to get there.

Our campaign is in motion and ends in July. We are, at the same time, furiously editing - your donation enables us to keep going!

Please look at our new trailer and all the thank you gifts we're offering in support of finishing the film.

he film is made with the encouragement and blessings of Robert and Ruth Bly. Help us honor this great poet and teacher.

Many hands, light labor.  To poetry, to honoring Robert, Many thanks

Film Donations


The last step to making a film is the post-production. Here, all the raw ingredients that have been assembled are carefully pieced together to make a finished program. Editing. Music. Graphics. Sound design. Many large and small details, creative and technical, are all blended together. We are making a one-hour, broadcast quality film suitable for PBS. We are also making an additional hour of material to include on the DVD.


Our goal is to finish the film in summer 2015. We can make it with your help. We have come remarkably far on our very lean budget (and we are thankful to the over 200 donors to date that have contributed large and small donations). For the post-production we need just around $100,000. We are reaching out in numerous directions and know that if just a few of the many people who love Robert Bly contributed we would reach our goal.

I hope you will be one of them.

Haydn Reiss


Film Donations

Please contribute today so that we can make our summer goal!  Funds can also be donated directly to ZINC FILMS by contacting 

If Robert Bly has touched your life, help us honor Robert's many gifts by supporting A Thousand Years of Joy.